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I have amazing friends and a support network and want to mention the beautiful people on my images and also the photographer behind the images.

Portal Opening:

Photographer: Me

Models: Debbie, Sophia, Lea (Sexological Bodwork)

Model: Renan (Cupping / Thai Massage)
Models: Dana, Anna, Oumou, Rosa, Nuk, M., Maggy (Group Workshop)
Model: Me (Performance/Art)
Other photos from different internet pages *

Sexological Bodywork page:
Photographer: Lisa Wildenhues

Models: Renan, Cee


Thai Massage / Cupping page:

Photographer: Lisa Wildenhues, Me

Models: Renan, Cee

About Me Page:
Photographer: Lisa Wildenhues

On the other images the credits should be linked on the pages itself. Otherwise please contact me.

A lot of possibilities and shapes that I have taken this year was through the support of the bodywork collective that I'm part of Skinship Berlin specifically supported by melanie bonajo (aka. Pûrrr), Ayo Gry and Pawel Dudus.

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