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In my personal practice I love to move in the intersection of pleasure, movement and art. My imaginary creations are inspired by dreams, visions, humans, plants, animals, chinese opera, butoh, other visual artists like artists like Arka, isshehungry, Studio Yukiko, Fka Twigs, House of Living Colos, Aïsha Devi.

I love to experiment with gender, body and different materials. Often creations relate to personal history, anchestory, identity & rituals.

In the past I‘ve been collaborating a lot in photo projects together with wonderful Lisa Wild. Together we felt into the force of creation and re-birth. Creating an altar on our bodies, turning the insides out and telling stories through images.

My movements are shaped by my anchestors & all the elements, Vogue femme*, Kung Fu, Gaga, Butoh, contemporary dance & yoga.

*Ballroom space
I am part of the ballroom community. First of all it is a space from and for black & latinx trans people. It was and is a form of resistance and celebration of bodies on the margins. So I‘m very thankful to be able to be part of the community. Ballroom is a way to be able to express myself in a way that remained hidden for a long time. Free the spirits, the body, playfulness and spread the good energy.

Additionally I like to listen to people‘s stories and to share them in a visual way through interviews and or photography.

When the body says yes - Venice Biennale
Proyecto Labia - participation & website
photoprojects Lisa Wild
Film Lotusflower
Avantgarde futures
Performance idea
Part of Rebellas Association rebelle

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