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I can hold space in english and german (preferred language for topics around social justice is english)

Andrea Tian Lei 田雷

I am a creature of Chinese descent. I dedicate my work to pleasure activism (as adrienne maree brown frames it) with the intention to raise my voice to dismantle systems of oppression. I flow through time and space as a multi-disciplinary artist and facilitator in the juicy intersections of sexological bodywork, performance, movement, art, magic and transformative justice with a focus on expanding compassion and love. I am part of the queer bodywork collective Skinship Berlin.

I believe that we all are part of a collective trauma (colonial capitalism) and therefore we can only start by being the change in our own bodies. I grew up in a small and conservative village surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. What a beautiful landscape was gifted to my childhood deeply connected to forrest, soil, waters and animals. At the same time I have always found myselves in a balancing act between different cultures and have been heavily influenced and shaped by the systems surrounding me until I thought I have lost myself. My own journey started by questioning, deconstructing and unlearning. It led me through the art school in Zurich, through many different practices and places and I have learned incredibly much from each place and every person along the paths.


Nowadays my inner compass is led by all my curiosity, my intuition and something like a bigger calling for transformatial change. I wish for open conversations and juicy artistic explorations about sexuality, intimacy and touch centered around the bodies that have been impacted from oppression the most.

I have a swiss passport privilege, thin body privilege and I am able bodied living with ADHD.

My friends are amazing too! visit them too and show some love :-)

Bodywork / Performance:

Ayo Gry

Mel aka. Pûrrr


Renan Alves Manhaes




Daniela Reina Téllez


Deborah, Layo, Chanel aka. COMME3 ÇI COMME3 ÇA

Japanese Food:



Lisa Wildenhues

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